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Fall in love with falling in love with the Brits On Board Series bundle.

Learn to Love Again

♥ Heartbroken and betrayed, Ava isn’t looking for love, but fate and Mack – her super sexy, super sweet, dance partner – have other ideas ♥

When she finds her fiancé cheating on their wedding day, Ava can’t imagine ever being happy again.

When a dream job opportunity lands in her lap, it’s exactly the distraction she needs. She’s working on board a cruise ship, and the holiday atmosphere, combined with the freedom and friendships, change everything.

And then there’s Mack. He’s ticks every box on her ‘dream man’ list and he’s interested in her.

But can she trust again? Be vulnerable again? Learn to love again?

Love Song

Hudson James is a legend. His ex girlfriends include supermodels, popstars and the most beautiful actresses who ever graced the silver screen. He’s the man who always gets what he wants.

♥ And this time, he wants Robyn ♥

Robyn is used to no-strings flings, and she’s had plenty of them. But now a world famous rock star wants her – and he even writes a song for her – but she’s just a nurse on a cruise ship and she knows she’ll never feel like his equal, especially if she gives everything up, just to be with him.

Can she get the most famous man in music to drop everything and stay by her side? Damn right she can!

Love Fool

Barney loves Pip and always has done, and when Spiros breaks her heart, he’s ready to pick up the pieces.

♥ But Pip only sees him as her best friend – until she has to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his mother off his back ♥

Why is she only noticing now how hot his body is, how sexy he is, how annoying it is when other women ogle him?

After a mind blowing night together, she realises that there’s only one thing better than a fake relationship – and that’s a real one.

Addicted to Love

Logan has never forgotten his first love, Darcie.

♥ Darcie thinks she’s forgotten him, and with six ex-husbands and as many ex fiancés, nobody could say she hadn’t tried to get over him ♥

But when they come face to face with each other, the years roll back and Darcie is sixteen again. Madly in love and ready to be with him forever.

But meeting him again also means the secret she’s kept for twenty five years has to come out too, and Darcie isn’t sure she’s ready to face the past in order to give Logan a second chance.

* please note this story makes reference to a sexual attack in the past which could cause readers distress *

It Must Be Love

Wyn’s colleagues call her the ice queen, but she knows she’s far from unfeeling and can easily fall in lust and love.

♥ Which is exactly what happens when she meets Tucker. He’s handsome and hot-blooded and she’s more than happy to fall into bed with him ♥

But a silly mistake on his part and a night with an ex on hers threaten to derail their love affair before it even begins.

Can they stop playing games and start something special? Find out in the last book in the Brits on Board series.

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