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God I hate the vamps. They strut into college on their first day like they own the place. My best friend Martha is obsessed with them which only makes me hate them more.

But I can't let her go to a feeding party on her own. So I go and so does my twin brother Max.

And then the vamps screw up my life in the worst way possible.

Apparently they love playing this creepy game of human versus vamp – and guess what? They always win.

Except this time. I'm determined to escape and help the others escape too.

It isn't easy – and it's not for the faint hearted – but the outcome is like nothing I ever dreamed could happen.

Are you ready?

* Please note, this book is a new adult fantasy and deals with death, suicide and other difficult situations. *

You will get a PDF (1MB) file

The Kingmaker Series

“I am sixteen years old and I will die on the morning of my seventeenth birthday. As tradition dictates, I will be sacrificed and my life’s blood will determine which one of my two brothers will be King. My blood will kill one and crown one. My name is Everleigh and I am the Kingmaker.”

The Kingmaker Series - ebooks

The Kingmaker - eBook


Seize the Crown - eBook


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The Accidental Witch Trilogy

★ Witches always win in a fair fight,

but not everybody fights fair ★

Ellis finally decides to get her life back on track after her best friend’s death and her subsequent slide into misery. 

Just when she’s determined to wash her hair, wear clean clothes and get her life back on track, it’s thrown upside down again when she stumbles upon a magical ceremony and gets invested as the head witch. Of the whole of Britain. By accident. 

The Accidental Witch Trilogy - ebooks

The Accidental Witch - eBook


The Accidental Invitation - eBook


The Accidental End - eBook


The Fairy Queen Trilogy

• With both her parents dead, fairy princess Elsie has been locked up in the castle since she was ten years old •

Now she’s sixteen she’s been given her freedom to leave the kingdom and marry a man she’s never met. 

But on the journey across the seas she finds out about the horror and abuse her step parents are inflicting on the fairy kingdom. She decides to forgo her freedom so she can save the kingdom she once called home.

Her return sparks a rebellion, an uprising, a battle like the kingdom has never seen before. 

★ Will Elsie defeat her evil step parents and 

reign triumphant or die trying? ★

The Fairy Queen Series - ebooks

The Rise of the Fairy Queen - eBook


The Fall of the Fairy Queen - eBook


The Triumph of the Fairy Queen - eBook