Gemma Perfect - Young Adult Fantasy Author 

I am a full time author living in South Wales, UK, between the mountains and the beach - what a lovely place to be! 

I have three wonderful sons - Sam, Corey and Oliver and a lovely husband who has supported me while I follow my dreams of writing full time. 

I love writing fantasy books - not being grounded in reality means my imagination can run wild. I also love all things magical - who doesn't?!

I have always loved writing - re-writing the endings of my favourite books when I was a child, and then indie publishing my own books, as well as being published by Harper Collins.

Indie publishing suits me down to the ground - I'm not saying I'm a control freak, but making the decisions on genre, title, cover, length, release dates are all things I like to be in charge of. 

I'm not a lone wolf though. I work with an editor - who is local to me - the fabulous Emma - and a cover designer from across the pond in the USA - the talented Arel. They both make my books so much better than I could on my own. 

I love hearing from readers - and I always answer messages and emails, so please please please get in touch.