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So who am I and why am I giving my books away for free?

I am Gemma Perfect, a full time author since 2019 with part time success. Being an indie author for me, in 2020 – the year of Covid – became all about the hustle. Can I write faster, can I get a book out there quicker, how do I catch and keep readers – by being quicker and quicker and quicker.

I wrote five books in 2020 before I realised that I wasn’t enjoying writing them, I wasn’t enjoying promoting them, in fact I didn’t have time to do anything other than write publish, write, publish, write, publish.

There is nothing wrong with a rapid release schedule – loads of indie authors do it, because we get to set our own schedule, and we need to find readers ourselves and we need to sell books to pay bills. The years of the starving artist are over, we write to sell, to buy things. Writing is a job, but for me it was getting sad.

The trilogy I have given you is over 190, 000 words, but I barely introduced my readers to the concept, the characters, the world, because I needed to get on to the next thing.

But I noticed that while I increased my word count per hour and decrease the amount of time between releases – going from three months to six weeks – my sales, my reader engagement and my enjoyment actually diminished. The thing I thought I needed to do seemed to be the opposite of what might work for me.

I love the idea for my next series – The Outlaw Trilogy – but I’m already thinking, before I even start it, how quickly can I write it, release it and move on to the next thing.

I know we never know how much time we’ve got left, but I have been writing and releasing like I’ve not got much time to do it, like someone might tell me my time is up, like someone might say – no more books from you Mrs P, thanks!

But then I started to think of my author career in terms of decades rather than days. Why not write a book, and really enjoy it? Show off the idea and the characters and the world I’m building, my unique voice and story, with a little more time in between each book.

Why the rush?

It’s time to slow down!

My new release schedule will look very different and so will the way I celebrate each book with you.

I hope you love The Fairy Queen Trilogy and I hope you’ll join me on my writing journey as I introduce more characters, stories and worlds to you.

Just a little slower than you’re used to!