The Kingmaker Series has been life changing for me – it’s been a number one best seller in America, Canada and the UK, and a best seller in Australia.

I started writing it in 2011. I was watching Junior Apprentice on the BBC, and one of the female contestants had to choose which of the two boys in her team would be team leader. She said, “I’m like the Kingmaker,” or words to that effect and something in my brain just sparked.

I wrote about 30,000 words but then, for some reason I can’t even remember, I ignored it until the summer of 2015. In the meantime, I wrote and published a set of three children’s books and an adult romance, which was also published by Harper Collins.

By that point I wasn’t even enjoying writing and was questioning whether I should stop doing it altogether when I picked The Kingmaker up again. Within four weeks I had written another 40,000 words. That’s when I realised that I was finally writing what I should be writing – not what I thought I should be writing or what I believed people would want to read. Suddenly it was easy to do and, more importantly, enjoyable again.

The first three books in the Kingmaker Series – originally The Kingmaker Trilogy – were published in January 2017.

Then I started writing The Cursed Princess, set a few years after The Kingmaker Trilogy ends, following Everleigh’s sister Addyson and her life as the cursed princess – but I realised that Everleigh’s story had only just started so I’m working on the next book in her story first. For this reason I have changed the trilogy to a series.

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