★ Witches always win in a fair fight, but not everybody fights fair ★

Enjoy all three books in the fantastic Accidental Witch Trilogy in one go!

① The Accidental Witch

Ellis finally decides to get her life back on track after her best friend’s death and her subsequent slide into misery.

Just when she’s determined to wash her hair, wear clean clothes and get her life back on track, it’s thrown upside down again when she stumbles upon a magical ceremony and gets invested as the head witch. Of the whole of Britain. 

By accident.

And it’s her crush, Fletcher, who should have been invested instead.

Launched into his world; a world full of supernatural creatures and dangerous rebels, can Ellis thrive as a newly hatched witch or will the chaos of her new life, her new romance with Fletcher and the threat from the outlaws prove too much?

② The Accidental Invitation

Ellis is getting the hang of being a freshly hatched witch and getting used to spending all her time with Fletcher, but the rebels are furious at being thwarted once and are ready to attack again.

Warding off the rebels would be hard enough, but now they have to figure out who released the demons and sparked the fire of the raging species war to begin with.

As Fletcher’s world, the world Ellis is stuck in, gets more and more dangerous, and Ellis falls more and more in love with him, can they triumph in a battle of the species or will an accidental invitation extended to a vampire mean the end for Ellis?

③ The Accidental End

Killing the witch who instigated the rebel war is easy enough, but will it prove as easy to vanquish the demons, placate the council and round up the remaining trouble makers?

Ellis and Fletcher are a team now determined to end the war and bring peace to the supernatural community. To finish the task Fletcher’s dad was determined to carry out and give the supernatural creatures their autonomy back, allowing the creatures to live in harmony again.

But when Ellis sacrifices herself to save Fletcher and everybody else, and an earth shattering betrayal alters everything, is it the end for Ellis, or a new beginning?

♥ Fans of young adult fantasy books that blend danger and romance will love The Accidental Witch Trilogy ♥