Bonus Chapter!

Love Song

Bonus Chapter

The crowd is screaming Hudson’s name, stamping their feet, clapping their hands, and it’s reaching a fever pitch, an absolute frenzy and Robyn cannot keep the smile off her face.

Hudson promised he’d perform for one night in Vegas when he broke his contract to be with her, and she had to co​me with him to watch.

She’s never been to Vegas before and probably won’t again, but she’s so glad she’s witnessing this; it’ll go down in history as a legendary show, she just knows it.

Hudson grins at her, and she passes him a towel. He rubs his face, hair and neck with it and passes it back. She wrinkles her nose at how wet it is but kisses him quickly and passionately, before he has to run back on stage to finish his set.

Every woman in this audience, and hell, half of the men, wish they were in her shoes and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She can barely hear him above the din of the cheers, and the music.

“Are you okay?”

She nods and kisses him again.

The stage manager calls his name, and he lifts a hand to show he heard him. She watches him change from her Hudson to the Hudson that belongs to the entire world, and she shivers. He’s incredible and she still can hardly believe that he’s hers.

There were a few teething problems initially, with him choosing to come and live on the ship. Nobody could stop him, of course, but the cruise company doesn’t want the entire world and their dog booking cruises just so they can get a glimpse of Hudson James.

They put out a rumour that his permanent residence is his mansion in Madeira, and that he only occasionally visits his new girlfriend on the ship. It hasn’t stopped loads of holiday makers asking if he’s on board, and quite a few pretend patients from visiting the medical ward to find out the gossip, but the staff have all doubled down on their efforts to protect Robyn and Hudson.

Everybody seems really pleased and proud that he lives on the ship – he has booked the same suite he stayed in with his mother, for as long as he possibly can, and plans to stay there indefinitely. Robyn has given up her cabin and stays with him.

The furore will die down eventually, and Robyn still works hard and is still dedicated to her job.

Hudson is having renovations made to his mansion in Madeira, to install a recording studio. That way he can continue to make music and albums. He’s sworn off tours for the time being, happy to admit he’s too old to fly around the world performing in venue after venue on little to no sleep.

Robyn throws down the sweaty towel, and watches Hudson stride around, showing off to his fans. Her view from the side of the stage is actually pretty perfect, and she’s wearing ear protectors to make sure she’s not uncomfortable with how loud the noise is.

Encore after encore after encore and finally the lights go off and the audience slowly and reluctantly stream out. Hudson takes Robyn’s hand and drags her to his dressing room.

She knows exactly why – she’s feeling as horny as she knows he is. The noise and the adrenaline, and for him the adoration of so many people is a heady combination.

He’s buzzing with it all, and she’s happy to be an outlet for him.

He locks the door and they fall into each other’s arms; they are so comfortable and familiar with each other now, but this feeling is new. Robyn feels proud of him, and smug that she gets to call him her own.

They fall onto the sofa, kissing and groping, pulling at each other’s clothes.

“That was so sexy,” she says, panting as she pulls off her top. “I’m lucky that you’re mine.”

“I’m the lucky one,” he says as she unhooks her bra, and he gets an eyeful.

He growls as he kisses her tits, sucking her boobs and nibbling not too gently on her nipples.

She grabs at his belt, and pulls him to his feet, so she can undo his jeans. She pulls them down and springs his cock free from his boxers. Without a word, she drops to her knees and takes him in her mouth. She’s on fire with lust for him after seeing him perform, and she is desperate for him.

He pushes her off and kisses her again, deeper, slower kisses, until Robyn is in a frenzy. He plays with her tits while they kiss, and she feels the ache between her legs grow until she has to have him inside her.

She pulls off her knickers, leaving her skirt on, and sits astride him, letting him fill her up, pushing down on his hard cock so her clitoris is buzzing.

“Fuck!” He exclaims and takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking and lapping at her until she’s riding him harder than ever. She’s panting as she comes, and he comes soon after.

He laughs and pulls on his boxers.

“That’s the quickest quickie we’ve ever had.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t dare keep you from your fans or your band or your management for a minute longer. But tonight, when we get to the hotel, we’ll have all the time in the world.”

They lock eyes.

“I cannot wait.”

He has to wait and so does she, as he meets a handful of lucky fans for selfies and autographs and chitchat, and then he’s hers. They snog like teenagers in the lift up to his suite, and that desperate need for him comes over her again like a wave.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me, Mr. James.”

He holds his hands up.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean, you drive me crazy. You’re all I think about. That was the best night of my life. Watching you, live on stage. Oh. My. God.”

“It was quite the show?”

“It was. And now, I think it’s your turn for a show.”

She pushes him onto a chair, pours him a drink, and puts music on.

He grins at her, looking as smug as she felt earlier watching him perform. It’s a heady feeling to watch Hudson James on stage and know you’re going home with him. She might not be able to sing, and she might never be famous, but she can certainly put on a show that any hot-blooded male would enjoy.

Trying to imagine she’s the sexiest and most confident woman in the world helps, and she slowly, teasingly, strips for him.

She turns away and bends over to pull her knickers off, giving him a flash of her backside, and then tossing her knickers in his direction.

He grabs them and holds them to his nose.

“Behave! Don’t smell them!”

She’s laughing then because knickers aren’t always the freshest item of clothing a woman wears!

He raises his glass to her.

“Carry on!”

She shrugs off her embarrassment and dances, lifting her skirt, showing him her naked bum cheeks, and then facing him and lifting the skirt again, offering her body to him.

He cheers, and she has to stop again.

“I can’t be sexy if you’re messing around.”

“Not true. You are sexy every minute of every day. Now strip for me, woman.”

She tries again.

She pulls off her top and touches herself, rubbing her boobs through her bra and trying to look hot and not ridiculous. She stops.

“Is this rubbish?”

“Not even a little bit. If I die tonight, I die a happy man. You are a goddess.”



The hunger on his face gives her confidence and, keeping her eyes on him, she unhooks her bra, grabbing hold of her breasts as they tumble out and rubbing them. She licks a finger before pinching a nipple, and she can tell he’s enjoying. He’s slack jawed, and his erection is straining at his jeans.

She moves closer to him, ready to give him what she would call a lap dance, though she has no point of reference, but he grabs hold of her and kisses her, scooping her up and carrying her to the bed. He throws her down and grabs hold of her backside, lifting her skirt out of the way, and then reaching around and fingering her.

“You are amazing, Robyn. I’m so glad you’re mine.”

“You are amazing, Hudson. I still can’t believe you’re mine.”

“I’m the lucky one,” he says as he smatters kisses all the way down her body until he’s kissing between her legs, licking and lapping at her until she comes with a shudder.

He grins up at her, and she beckons for him with her head. He kisses all the way back up, paying more attention to her nipples, sucking them until she’s whimpering, and then he kisses her.

She kisses him back and undoes his belt and his jeans, helping him out of his clothes until they are both naked. He slips inside her and slowly, languidly fucks her. They kiss the whole time, their breathing getting more ragged, until she’s moaning out loud with each thrust, and then he’s coming and she’s coming and she knows that whether it’s on the ship or here in Vegas, or anywhere else in the world, she’s found her happy place, and it’s right by Hudson’s side.